Rodney E. Timbrook, Ph.D., HSPP 

Psychological Service Associates, Inc.

3421 E. State Blvd, Fort Wayne, Indiana

office telephone (260) 482-8427
office fax (260) 482-8429


Fees vary depending on the service or services provided.  Payment is expected at the time of service, unless payment arrangements are made in advance. At this time, our office accepts Master Card, Visa, and Discover credit card or debit card payments.  We will also gladly accept checks or money orders.  It is also common for our patients to provide payments via online bill paying services, such as is commonly provided through your banking institution.

Our office does provide a billing statement once a month that is mailed to the home address you provide when you register with our office.

I understand that some individuals may want to use insurance benefits to pay for services.  My office and I will be willing to assist you by gaining preauthorization for services as necessary and filing insurance claims for your convenience.  If you are using insurance benefits, please be prepared to pay your copay or co-insurance amount at every visit. 

If you are not sure of your mental health benefits, deductible, copay or co-insurance amount, please contact your insurance company.  There is usually a customer service number on the back of insurance cards that you may call to obtain your benefits information.